Why Is Bulb Energy So Cheap

Hey everyone! I’m here to tell you why Bulb Energy is so cheap. You may be wondering how they could offer such low prices and what’s the catch? Well, let me explain exactly why Bulb Energy is one of the cheapest energy suppliers in the UK market today. In this article, we’ll look at how Bulb Energy has managed to keep their costs down and provide customers with an affordable option for their electricity needs.

We’ll also explore some other benefits that come from choosing a supplier like Bulb Energy and understand why more people are considering them as their go-to provider. So if you want to save money on your household bills and still get great customer service, then read on to find out more about why Bulb Energy is so cheap!

Low Overheads

I think one of the main reasons why Bulb Energy is so cheap is because of their low overheads. They source energy from renewable sources, which are much cheaper than fossil fuels, and they don’t need to use traditional billing methods since it’s all done virtually. This means they can pass on savings to customers without having to worry about the costs associated with paper bills or physical infrastructure.

Another reason for Bulb’s lower prices might be that they have a lot fewer staff and employees than many other energy companies. Since there’s less overhead when it comes to personnel costs, they can offer competitive rates while still making a profit. Plus, this also helps them stay nimble in an ever-changing market – allowing them to react quickly and make changes as needed.

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The final factor could be the fact that Bulb has been around longer than some of its competitors, giving them more time to get things right and build trust with consumers. As their customer base grows, so do their economies of scale – meaning each new customer brings down everyone else’s bill a little bit more too!

Generous Renewable Tariffs

I’m sure you’re wondering why Bulb Energy is so cheap – and there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, their low overheads help keep costs down. They don’t have expensive call centers or glossy advertising campaigns; instead they rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers to spread the news about them.

Secondly, Bulb has some really generous renewable tariffs that offer discounts for households with green sourcing or who make investments in renewables such as solar panels. By committing to clean energy sources, not only do we reduce our carbon footprint but also save money by taking advantage of these generous offers.

It’s easy to see how this is good for all involved: reducing emissions while keeping bills low – what more could you ask for? This combination of cost savings, environmental benefits and customer satisfaction makes it easier than ever before to switch to renewable energy providers like Bulb.

No Exit Fees

When it comes to finding an energy provider, we all want the best deal. There’s no denying that Bulb Energy offers some of the cheapest electric rates around – and here’s why. One key factor is their lack of exit fees; this means you won’t be charged a fee if you decide to switch providers. Additionally, they offer green incentives and subsidies for renewable source energy production – meaning more savings passed onto customers like us. This makes Bulb Energy one of the most cost-effective solutions out there when it comes to powering our homes with sustainable energy sources. All in all, choosing Bulb as your energy supplier simplifies the task of getting good value for money while taking care of our planet too!

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Price Matching Guarantee

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Bulb Energy is incredibly affordable. We want to make sure all of our customers get the best value, so we offer a Price Matching Guarantee. That means if you find another energy provider offering a lower rate than ours, we’ll match it and give you an even better deal!

Bulb Energy only sources its electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro-power. This lowers our costs as well as reduces our environmental impact – making us one of the most sustainable energy providers in the country. And with multiple billing options available, including monthly direct debit or pre-pay cards, it’s never been easier to save money on your energy bill while still reducing your carbon footprint.

We understand how important saving money is for everyone, which is why we strive to keep prices low while delivering green energy at the same time. So switch to Bulb today and start enjoying more savings alongside cleaner power!

Digital-Only Service

I’m always looking for ways to save money, and that’s why I’ve decided to switch my energy provider from the traditional one to Bulb. With digital-only service, no paper bills or long waiting times when making changes – just a fast and easy online process!

The best part is that their rates are incredibly cheap compared to most other providers. Plus, they make it easy to manage your account with their online billing system and smart meters. This helps me keep track of how much energy I’m using while also helping me understand where I could be saving even more money on my monthly bill.

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It’s been great having access to this type of affordable energy solution that fits my lifestyle perfectly. The convenience and savings have made all the difference in reducing my energy costs.


Bulb energy is a great choice for those looking to save money and help the environment. With its low overheads, generous renewable tariffs, no exit fees, price matching guarantee, and digital-only service, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing Bulb as their electricity provider. By switching today you’ll be sure to benefit from what this company has to offer – all while helping out with your carbon footprint! So don’t wait any longer – make the switch now and start saving on your energy bills today!